Apricot sorbet


We make so many different sorbets in summer at the restaurant – this summer alone has seen sylvanberry, morello cherry, mango, mixed berry and the latest, and most impressive, has been apricot.

I’ve done quite a bit of peach sorbet in the past, but the apricot usually finds itself ending up as jam or in puddings, so I was really pleased with how this one turned out – all foamy and whilst obviously having all the sugar added to it, still mouth-puckingly tart! A perfect summer wake-up!


Here’s what I did – the recipe is based on the sorbet ratio in Philippa Sibley‘s book PS Desserts, which is a really good desserts book that I highly recommend, with excellent explanations for basic recipes (and also includes her famous Snickers dessert, which I won’t even attempt).

Recipe follows after the pic of the roast apricots that are on a different dessert at the moment – with chocolate & almond cake and vanilla ice cream.


Weigh out 1kg pipped fruit, no need to peel. Put this, 300g caster sugar, 85g liquid glucose and 285ml water, and 1 vanilla pid scraped if you fancy, in a large saucepan.

Cook together until the fruit collapses entirely, then cool down and blitz.

Press through a fine strainer, then churn in an ice cream maker, or do the home-made whisk-every-now-and-then version if you have the time and energy!

Now you have fabulous sorbet! Serve with something wickedly chocolatey, or with a shot of grappa for a good night out, or with berries if its breakfast time (ahem…)

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