Roast on Sundays at Neighbourhood Wine

Beef rump cap
Beef rump cap

Well this is a bit of something.

Maybe everyone is finally over brunching on Sundays as well as Saturdays, or maybe everyone’s decided Saturdays are for poached eggs and Sundays deserve meat with a Bloody Mary on the side. Whatever though, because for the life of me I’d never have thought that Yorkshire pudding and horseradish cream would be such a thing after their curtain call in the ’70’s.

We’re doing a full roast – entree, main, desert and a fire to make you drowsy…no the last part isn’t true, but the idea is there.To create a relaxed Sunday lunch in a relaxed venue. Oh, and with wine.

Yorkshire puddings
Yorkshire puddings

Then nice Sunday nap to follow. Because even I don’t prepare an entree, roast a joint, cook potatoes in duck fat & bay, roast a seasonal vegetable (different each week), bake fresh bread, make a jus, bake Yorkshire puddings and make a dessert when I’m cooking lunch at home. It takes like, days.

Plating the beef roast to share
Plating the beef roast to share

It’s easier at Neighbourhood Wine (and I have help!)

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