Morello cherries and a new cake

Summer is cherry season, and whilst we’ve already used sweet (Prunus avium) heart-shaped cherries in desserts at the bar before Christmas, I’ve keenly been waiting for morello or sour cherry season (Prunus cerasus). These smaller, rounder cherries lend themselves so well to pickling, bottling and  sauces and are also the cherries  used for Turkish sour cherry juice. (The cherries used in cocktail garnishes are sweet cherries however, bleached and then preserved in red sugar syrup.)


I only got two boxes this year – it takes ages to de-stem and pit the cherries, and everybody had done a few by the time the bottom of the box was reached!

Some cherries went into kirsch, and the rest were preserved in a spiced port syrup. Some juice was left over and a sorbet is to follow, too.


The birthday cake we make here at Neighbourhood Wine changes every so often, and we’re giving the Marjolaine a break (it would be near impossible to make in this heat anyway) and the old Black Forest cake is having it’s turn. We make it with butter cake, chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, port cherries inside and kirsch cherries on top. A worthy birthday cake indeed.

The Marjolaine might well make a return in winter…

Black forest cake
Black forest cake

There they are above, before plating.

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  1. Cherry Chocolate cake sounds delicious, WHY HAVEN’T I EATEN THIS YET?

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