The Lake House, Daylesford



What a magical place. We went to the Lake House in Daylesford for a short break, which felt much longer due to the tranquil surroundings and beautiful setting of this country hotel. You can’t help but relax, and instantly wish your stay was longer. Above is a view of the lake in front of the hotel.



We took a stroll along the lake before dinner, which is edged with so many different kinds of trees, many of them fruit bearing (obviously not right now!), and I even found holly amongst the shrubs!

the lake house
the lake house

The rooms overlooking the lake, ours was somewhere on the left!



I can’t go on enough about the gardens that are filled with billowing roses, established shrubs and interesting textural plants like tall artichokes and fine sprays of Erigeron.



The tame kookaburras outside the restaurant. It’s the first time I’ve seen them up close and had to take this picture…



The view from the deck as the sun was setting. Champagne time!

The dinner was proper 2-hat fare, and used a lot of ingredients from the surrounding gardens and area around Daylesford. This duck entree was a favourite – loved the fermented fruit.

Duck with fermented fruits
Duck with fermented fruits
Local eel with beetroot
Local eel with beetroot

Another beautiful course, using local eel and beetroot, a classic combination and a personal favourite.

Patagonian tooth fish with artichokes
Patagonian tooth fish with artichokes

My main was complex, using Patagonian toothfish, artichokes and ham – I was pretty stuffed after this!

We finished our wine in the room, a rare gem that needed time and appreciation. Oh, and cheese, too!


The deck, a place to spend way too much time. What a great experience.

The deck
The deck

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