Chocolate pudding fruit

Not one to walk past anything I haven’t tasted before, as soon as I saw this fruit, labelled as ‘chocolate pudding fruit’, or ‘black sapote’ whilst actually buying something pretty pedestrian, it had to come home with me.

D.digyna / black persimmon
D.digyna / black persimmon

It was so soft, it pretty much didn’t survive a bike ride around Fitzroy, and as soon as I got home I cut it open.

Now there’s something weird about food and how we respond to its colour – a great deal of us like green stuff, red stuff, white stuff or yellow stuff. But when last did you eat something black? Really midnight black? I can only really think of dishes that use squid ink that makes this practice normal/everyday for some, because the pearly blackness (and rarity) of caviar and the price of black garlic doesn’t really count!

I checked my food dictionary (Alan Davidson, 2006) and turns out this is not a sapote at all, but a kind of persimmon (Sharon fruit or kaki) native to Mexico, and starts its life out with a green skin, and then slowly ripens to a black mass, at which point it is ready to eat. Apparently it has been slow to take off as commercially viable table fruit elsewhere in the world, which perhaps proves my point above.

If you’ve ever eaten those  pudding-mix puddings (just mix with water!) or a self-saucing chocolate pudding, you could imagine  the texture, and the taste too, but not much perceptible sweetness, although I’m not too sure about the fructose content. Worth trying once – you might have to live in or near the near the tropics – mine was  born in far North Australia, if you believe stickers on fruit.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. It looks rich. I’ve spied it in shops before but never bought it – must try it next time!

  2. epicureaddict says:

    yea – i ate the whole thing, probably not the intention!

  3. Jake says:

    Makes a great souffle too

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