Almost a week old now! It looks beautiful, and I’m glad Melbourne is giving us a few more warm days so that we can appreciate the sunset through our first-floor windows!

Small things have been tweaked, and we feel more and more comfortable with where we’re at in our venue. Thanks to everyone who came to our soft opening and putting us through our paces!

Japanese Koshu
Japanese Koshu

The wine list has grown, and apart from interesting specimens from well-known regions, we have also acquired Chinese and Japanese samples. The food is still simple with retro quirks, which works well in the venue.

Yes, it is a prawn cocktail
Yes, it is a prawn cocktail
Pork, chicken, cognac & prune terrine
Pork, chicken, cognac & prune terrine

On the stress scale that week reached a solid 10. However all weeks have to end with a Monday (thank heavens) and yesterday I checked out Shandong MaMa off  Bourke Street, to see whether all the deliriously gushing blogger reports about the dumplings were justified. (Unlike with HuTong Dumpling where it’s all just hype). And it is, absolutely, very good. Oh and the gelati at The European’s Spring Street Grocer Gelateria Primavera is seriously proper too, although I think I’m the last to find that out!

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  1. Ezra says:

    Congrats to you both. I love the feel and look of the place from the photos I’ve seen and words I’ve read. Hi to Simon and all the best for your first year!

  2. Best of luck – I gotta find some time to come down and check you out!


  3. epicureaddict says:

    Thanks – when you back?

  4. epicureaddict says:

    Thank you – yea please come down for a drink and a sunset viewing! 🙂

  5. Ezra says:

    Not for a while yet. Just packing up my Vancouver life now. A little travel to Portland and San Fran and then on to Halifax and Montreal. 🙂

  6. Hester says:

    Julle menu maak my byna onbeheersbaar lus om dadelik ‘n vliegtuigkaartjie te koop. BAIE geluk, dit lyk so so awesome!!

  7. epicureaddict says:

    thanks babe – miss you so so!

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