Cape Town right now

This is the life...

A belated post on my last visit to Cape Town – one which was far too rushed, but luckily long enough to visit all the hidden gems, and check out old fave’s.

Cheesy fries, toasties, burgers and pickles love at Clarke’s

A friend has recently opened Clake’s – and it’s pretty impressive. There’s nothing else quite like it around the city, and the fact that the cafe becomes a bar at night later on in the week. Burgers take center stage.

Mushroom & poached egg toast at Jason’s

Just up the road (Bree) is Jason’s, established bakery by now and vendor of irresistible lunchtime treats. Alternatively, sit down to a solid cafe breakfast with kick-ass coffee, and grab a pie on your way out.

Beetroot entrée at Pot Luck
Fish main @ PotLuck
chocolate mousse @ PotLuck
best-looking cheese plate ever @ PotLuck

Pot Luck. In the Biscuit Mill complex, this is the daytime offering from The Test Kitchen. And still seriously good, whilst we had our favourites, all the fine dining fare was world-class, with matching service.

Dear Me
Awesome and much blogged benedict at Dear Me

Another friend had to be visited at Dear  Me, and the rooftop bar Tjing Tjing, where respectively Eggs Benedict and drinks were enjoyed that would have me a regular were I a local. Pretty cool fit-out too.


Chilled out Wednesday night pizza’s at Mitico in Kloof street. A neighbourhood restaurant to visit every week, and judging by how packed it was, this is exactly what everyone does around here.

Stellar sushi at Nobu

Then finally Nobu on our last night, and even though the food was superlative, for prices in that kind that category, I expect fresh wasabi. #justsaying  It was obviously good,  but judging by the empty tables on a friday night, most Capetownians are voting with their feet, and supporting local restaurants with local prices. Good on them.

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