Something different – last week’s cooking

Soft tofu, preserved egg, soy dressing, coriander @Spice Temple

Ok I didn’t cook this – some talented soul at Spice Temple (Crown) did, but it was our anniversary and that warranted an evening out. We had the $95 banquet, and boy, do you roll out the door you’re so full. I felt that some of the dishes were more hit than miss but overall the food, which draws inspiration from all over China, was good, with the pickles, whole snapper in shao xing and mushrooms, and this tofu dish being exceptional.

Not that photogenic but good nonetheless: ayam kapitan with broccolini

Tues: Ayam Kapitan – a foray into Malaysia, I had not found belacan (have by now) by then, and the curry was good, but needed the umami kick.

The pho – next time the broth will be clearer!

Wed: (Vietnamese) Pho, with chicken. Easier than I thought, and better than what I’ve found thus far on Victoria street, if I have to say so myself. A good post – Bikram yoga meal!

(Sort of) vegetarian green curry and pandan sticky rice

Thu: Time for Thai green curry, this time round the shrimp paste was right but I had the wrong chilli, a vital element. Good and fresh overall, but next time I’ll make my own coconut cream, and make it that touch hotter. Love the snake beans though…

Wok action deliciousness

Fri: Bikram again, so only time for a quick Chinese wok dish. Lap cheong, chicken, sprouts and shao xing, with loads of other ‘happen to be in the fridge’ goodies added. Fast, good.

Julienne central

Sat: Thai inspired again: A salad of green papaya, betel leaf, laksa leaf ,chicken, carrot, sesame and peanuts with a lime dressing.

Fresh eel @Footscray
Fresh seafood @Footscray

Sun: We visited Footscray market yesterday, and found some things that are difficult to obtain in the city – sawtooth coriander, fresh shellfish, banana flower, more thai basil, chrysanthemum, green mangoes and some other goodies. So this evening it was a banana flower salad (way too summery at the moment but the freshness is welcome!) with green papaya, chicken, pork and all the other usual  suspects – I had found scuds (bird’s eye chilli’s) so it was also eye-wateringly hot!

Prawns in a boat


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  1. All I can say is that Simon is a lucky lucky man. Also, it is amazing that you are still in the mood for cooking every night considering it is what you do all day! xo Caitlin

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