Eating through Botswana

Breakfast with the um, boerewors (?)

Taking pictures of what we cooked was quite impossible, what with the precarious matter of camp cooking in near darkness, but we had a few stunner meals, either making beef, lamb or chicken stew-type potjies, or braaiing lamb, chicken, or boerewors (beef sausage).

Our butcher in Kasane

It was a pretty meat-heavy diet, and we got all our meat from a reputable butcher in Kasane (the northernmost town where the Zambian, Botswana and Zimbabwe borders meet, in huge packs.

Emergency supplies?

Every now and then we had meals we bought at lodges or supermarkets, and sometimes it was best not to ask too many questions about whether the ‘beef sausage’ you bought indeed contained any beef or whether it was just a suitable english name for the product. Haha.

View of the falls through ‘the devil’s cataract’

As you drive through Chobe and the Moremi down to the Okavango Delta, fresh produce is a rarity, and really not part of the locals’ diet. We figured out after a while which day the local supermarket got stocked and raided it! Since we were in the area, a trip to the stunning Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe was prerequisite, and a meal (and G&T!) at the beautiful English colonial-era style Victoria Falls Hotel.  I could get used to this…!

Front view of the hotel
Part of the beautiful interior

Everything is painted brialliant white and deep red, with a view in the distance of the ‘smoke’ from the falls, and just sitting on the terrace evokes all kinds of musings about what history this part of the world had been partial too. Love it!

The view from the hotel

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