Cruising through Botswana

Kasane town centre

So the safari break to Botswana kicked off – and no surprise, what an incredibly beautiful country. These people have it sorted – and as one of the biggest diamond-mining countries in the world, they’ve figured out how to showcase their best asset. There’s development  everywhere, and you can feel it. Not such an exciting thing when it gets to the game parks – the whole idea is to be entirely secluded – just you, the stars and whatever’s lurking behind the nearest bush, but it quickly became evident that the world’s tourism companies  had picked up on the other thing Botswana had to offer – unlimited wildlife. Pooh.

Impala. Super common in Botswana

They have been very strict with conservation, as a result when you visit the Chobe Reserve in the north, you find yourself in an area with the highest concentration of elephant herds you can possibly find.

Two elephant families bathing

And yep, they are all over the place, the most majestic, graceful animals that command respect every time you, literally, come face to face with them. They have bad tempers, these guys, and do what bad-tempered beings tend to: break stuff. Whole areas of broken-down Mopani trees are a regular vista as you drive endless kilometres.

I want this every day!

Many continents boast that ‘their’ sunsets are the best, but I will never stop voting for Africa! This one, from our campsite, was particularly beautiful over the Zambezi, which brims with wildlife, particularly crocodiles and hippo’s.

A Cape buffalo, one of the Big Five, another notorious temper!

We camped often – a slightly terrifying experience that takes some getting used-to, because if you weren’t aware of what is out there with you (nothing is encamped, except elephant-proofed ablution blocks), you’ll be hearing it as soon as the sun sets, or get to see the tracks through your campsite the next morning over coffee. Ahem. Very few experiences can compare, and I’ll go back any day. More in the next post!

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