Autumn stuff

Pine mushroom - picture Diego Portilla

I think I speak for a lot of cooks and chefs when declaring that autumn (anywhere in the world) is a serious contender for most exciting season to cook. All kind of fruits and veggies, seemingly inspired by the temperature drop, come to the fore, and produce like pumpkins, squashes, black cabbage, kohlrabi, figs, quince and pomegranate spring to mind, reflecting the seasonal colours of auburn, orange, deep greens and muddy browns interspersed with streaks of ruby red.

Pumpkin flowers in my garden!

The mushroom season is announced with swathes of pine mushrooms, soon to be followed by slippery jacks and grey ghosts. I love pine mushrooms and use them heaps in the kitchen – at the moment as steak garnish, pickled and as a sautéed side, as well as with pasta. Make hay while the sun shines and all…

Pickled pines

The light also becomes much softer at this time of the year, which inspired me to take this great picture of figs, which are abundant and beautifully plump and juicy right now, perfect for a salad with goat’s curd and walnuts…

Green skin figs

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