Cooking from the garden: Tomatoes


It’s the first time I’ve ever had my own veggie patch. Also the first time I’ve ever grown tomatoes, which have thus far delivered the most fruitful crop from the patch. Not like those deserters the sweetcorn, or the beetroot. The Christmasday hail nearly obliterated the plants, breaking the stems and stripping the leaves, but the (bruised) little cherry tomatoes soldiered on, and by now 4 plants have given me nearly 3kg of small toms.

Waiting to colour

My favourite way of eating tomatoes is raw, but after weeks of this, and exploring countless salad variations, there were simply too many tomatoes and I made a passata to freeze, one of the few things I’d freeze.

Sliced with bronze fennel, basil, extra virgin olive oil and sea salt flakes

I’m keen to try out fried green tomatoes as I actually quite like their tart taste, and I haven’t even gone near the semi-dried (remember the 90’s?) treatment yet. One crop in the back garden is nearly done now, and the fruit on the plants in the front garden are just starting to turn colour… Time for more innovative tomato recipe research!

Ready for round two

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