Christmas baking

Gingerbread stars

A bit of a belated post, more of a catalogue for myself on the Christmas biscuits I got done this year. The aim was to bake the 7 traditional Norwegian yuletide biscuits, but I do not have the special mold that is essential to create Goro, and was mystfied as to what the raising agent hartshorn salt in another biscuit was, so in the end I just baked a selection, and I think I’ll mix it up a bit more next year – adding Pepperkaker, Sirupssnipper and Bordstabler.

My interpretation of Sandnotter

This year I baked Sandnotter, Peppernotter, Berlinerkranser and Speculaas to celebrate my Dutch heritage. Gingerbread stars completed my biscuit gift-jars. I’m not posting recipes as I think some fine-tuning still needs to be done, especially with the Sandnotter and spice biscuits.


Christmas lunch started on a very Australian note with Coffin Bay oysters and BBQ prawns, then roast goose with stuffing and goosefat roast potatoes. There was a salad in there somewhere to lighten the guilt! The goose was awesome, I’ll do it again, although its a pretty expensive option. To finish, German Stollen, English Christmas cake and loads of cheese. Thank heavens this is only an annual affair…

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