Local stuff: Lemon Myrtle

A trip to Carlton spice shop Gewurzhaus provides a good introduction to local herbs and spices, also known under the collective term “bushtucker”. Apart from awesome whole spice and mixes sold by weight, they also have all kinds of sugars and salts – including a lot of ingredients that you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else. On this visit I walked out of there not only with my bushtucker herbs, but also Saudi Baharat Spice Mix and Tonka beans. More on those later… There are whole wattleseeds and dried bush tomatoes, but they also have a few ready-mixed blends with names like Kangaroo Spice or Australian Bush Herbs, but it was Lemon Myrtle I was keen to use first.

Marinating pork chops

Pork chops were on the menu tonight I’d thought I’d try a marinade of lemon myrtle, lemon thyme, fresh lemon juice & zest and olive oil. The chops were then barbecued and served with an awesome salad with loads of veggie patch ingredients. The triple lemon combination worked well I think, being fragrant (myrtle), tangy (juice) and herby (thyme) at the same time.

With the fabulous botanical name of Backhousia citriodora,  the lemon myrtle tree prefers subtropical regions and is found all over Brisbane. I would imagine the fresh leaves, with an even stronger lemon scent, would be really good to cook with white fish maybe? That’s what I’ll try it with next, possibly a chicken roast as well.

The side salad echoed the season and was a beautiful mix of radicchio, cherry tomatoes, spring onions, radish and carrots and herbs from the garden. Not bad for a weeknight eh?

November salad

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