My Grandmother

Lotus flower from our back garden

The time had recently come to say goodbye to my grandmother, who just a few weeks ago, celebrated  her 89th birthday. A long life for anyone I’d say. I felt the need to need to write something here about her as she was such an integral part of my life, and there are so many things I can remember now, things she did, that no one will ever do again or be able to replicate in the same way in my life.

Glossy white (and coloured!) meringues that came in large round baking tins. She churned them out weekly without ever flopping them, and they had a texture pastry chefs take months to perfect.

I spent most of my tweens and teens learning needlework, knitting and embroidery from her. At one stage I could backstitch, blackstitch, candlewick, embroider, knit and sew from patterns. Even tapestries were not beyond her – we have a massive one that took her 5 years to finish!Everything she created was perfect and won prizes at shows. She crocheted beautifully, something I never quite grasped.

She even had a knitting machine, and made me very cool little colour co-ordinated suits that I would refuse to get out of as a toddler. In summer time she sewed me flamboyant dresses in bright colours that got  dragged through bush and farm mud and still lasted for years.

She sewed all my concert costumes, including a notable Spanish dress and bolero type of affair (in fuschia- pink satin). And I think she made my brother an ant suit.

When we visited her we spent (what felt like hours) in her vegetable and flower garden, climbing the guava and grapefruit trees, trying to pick inaccessible loquats, marveling at how the wormwood plant smelt, picking flowers to take home and put in my flower press. And she made us melkkos and milky white rusks.

I feel priveledged to have these memories, still so vivid that when I recall one, many others tag along with it. But that’s over now. And I realise how lucky I was and how important it is to create special memories of my own now.

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  1. What a sweet post Almay, I’m so sorry to hear you lost your Grandma. I lost both of mine quite a few years ago now, and still think about them all the time! I have all sorts of memories that just pop up, out of the blue.

    x Caitlin

  2. epicureaddict says:

    Thanks Caitlin – its been a tough few weeks. But it seems like it will all get better now. xx

  3. Pete Goffe-Wood says:

    Hey Al my condolences – I know she meant a lot to you but it certainly sounds like your memory of her will be indelible

  4. epicureaddict says:

    Tx Pete – hope you are good? How is WW?

  5. Rhona says:

    Dankie Almay vir mooie herinneringe met trane in my oë het ek dit gelees want ek weet ook diep in my hart hoe spesiaal jy vir Ouma was en DANKIE vir al die besoeke,lekker tye en smaaklike kos waarmee jy Ouma se hart so bly gemaak het. Tonne sukses en al my LIEFDE XX

  6. epicureaddict says:

    Baie dankie vir die comment tannie – ek wou graag iets skryf want my blog is so persoonlik, en ek wens dat ek daar kon gewees het. Hoop dit gaan goed en dat dit darem nie weer te lank gaan wees voor ons weer op Struisbaai sal kan kuier nie!

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