Salt-baked trout

The winner trout

The wind is driving me nuts. No, actually, it feels like its inside my head. I had a good stare at a palm tree today and pondered the thought that all this was just the work of very angry air pressure that was severly dissatisfied with the space it found itself in. And wanted out. Much like I feel now.  So I’m pretending its a phenomenal summer day, like when I cooked (well it sort of cooked itself) this rainbow trout for my family, encased in salt.

The first step was convincing my dad that we had better go buy some rock salt (you need more than you think) and needn’t use the swimming pool salt. Step two, weigh the gutted fish, and stuff his tummy full of good things – some garlic, loads of herbs, half a lemon. Ignore the disbelieving looks of your siblings.

Then make a nice litte salt bed and lay your fish on it, and start packing the salt all over and around the fish – you can rub it all over with a little olive oil to make the salt stick initially.

Next, bake the fish in a 180-200 Celcius oven. A good guideline is 30 minutes per kg fish. If your fish isn’t fridge-cold when you crust it with the salt, its a pretty spot on time measurement. Which is good because this is one dish you can’t check for doneness before the moment your entire incredulous and hungry family will be looking at your cooking method with scepticism…

The moment you realise it's perfectly cooked. Priceless

I served it with salsa verde, dill new potatoes and a roast cherry tomato, green bean and asparagus salad. It was so successful the feat is to repeated on Christmas day – not many dishes make that cut…

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