Is this the coolest cookbook ever?

Those who know me will know my cookbook obsession – Harold McGee to Fergus Henderson, Skye Gyngell to Louis Saulnier, Apicius to Jason Atherton, Tessa Kiros to Kylie Kwong. I’m pushing a thousand by now and have thrown my clothes out of my wardrobe to make a cosy space for all the beautiful books until  I find a worthy home for them!

Recent buys have been books I’ve read and researched in before but never owned – Cooking for Kings, The Making of a Chef, Ma Gastronomie, La Physiologie du Gout and Essentials of Italian Cooking. Just wish I had more time between all the cooking to actually appreciate them more…

The point of this post however is the book that my head chef Ross brought me after his fabulous meal at Alain Passard’s eponymous restaurant L’Arpege in Paris. Michelin-starred recipes illustrated in oils as if in a child’s bed-time story book, written in the style of my-first-cookbook. I love it so much I can’t stop staring at all the beautiful pages and recipes. Truly a beautiful gift that gets to hang out with my treasured Moemin books… Oh and did I mention its autographed to me? I got very excited about this today as you can probably tell, but I’m alright now.


Posh Dragonfly

Bee having a nap

Going bananas

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  1. Enjoy Almay! I couldn’t believe how ‘you’ this cookbook was when it was delivered to the table!

    It was also the cheapest thing on our shocking bill after the 6 euro espresso of course!

    x Caitlin

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