Fast food done decent

Growing up, my idea of fast food was  my dad driving the entire family 45 minutes to the next, bigger town, ordering from Kentucky Fried Chicken, then driving all the way back before even being allowed to touch a chip.  We would then eat  as a family around the table, which made that KFC the best meal of the week. This happened about once every 2 months until I was about 14, after which the region I lived in started being transformed by instant food.

I’m still not a fan of fast food, or eating in front of the TV  in fact, although I’ve developed a weakness for pizzas. When moving to London, the food culture is a bit of a shock after Cape Town. The city is saturated with fast food outlets, all serving pretty much the same thing, in various degrees of crap quality. Cape Town has its fair share of fast food joints, including the local bunny-chow, but the general population can’t afford to buy it regularly, except probably for McDonalds, but that doesn’t qualify as food, and therefore doesn’t count.

Which is why when recently on the island of Lesvos, their versions of Gyro and Souvlaki, the ultimate Greek fast foods, is bloody good. Charred pita with shish pork, fresh tomato, tzatziki, onion and a whole lot of fries stuffed in there. If you really want it, they’ll reluctantly add mustard and ketchup instead of the tzatziki. So good I ate three souvlaki in a week.

Daytime souvlaki
Daytime souvlaki
Nighttime souvlaki

 That’s more fast food than I’ve eaten in the last three years. Yeah. Nighttime souvlaki

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