Buttermilk tart / Karringmelktert

This tart used to be a staple in our family home. It was always baked in the same earthenware dish, and stood on a side counter covered in a doily. ¬†For the flies. It was seldom the dessert or sweet after a particular meal, it’s purpose more of an afternoon snack (although I recall sneaking […]

Tasmanian truffles

I’ve been a bit reluctant in trying Australian truffles, letting the fact that it’s European truffles or nothing really get to me. The superiority of white Alba truffles cannot be doubted, but, since we are nowhere near there, local must make do. This year we got ahold of some Tamar Valley truffles (Tasmania), and I […]

Winter stuff

We’ve started using Farmer Joe’s Goat (Echuca) again! Always braised overnight, this really remains our best winter braise yet. Comforting, yet not too heavy or fatty, we change the garnish up every few weeks, and have served it with soft polenta & pine mushrooms or bay & black cabbage, adapting the dish as the season […]

Eating at Spice Route & missing South Africa

For the last few years I have only been going back to South Africa once a year (unfortunately!) and it’s hard to keep up with what’s supposed to be hot & fresh, and over the last few years I have gone to places that I remember being good, just to eat there and realise that […]

Apricot sorbet

We make so many different sorbets in summer at the restaurant – this summer alone has seen sylvanberry, morello cherry, mango, mixed berry and the latest, and most impressive, has been apricot. I’ve done quite a bit of peach sorbet in the past, but the apricot usually finds itself ending up as jam or in […]


I.can’t.walk.past.a.bookshop. If it’s a cookery book shop (err, Books for Cooks here in Melbourne) its a done thing that I am going to walk out with an armload of “books I’ve always wanted”. I generally buy books for ideas feather than recipes, because I like to think that cooks have put out their much-tested recipes […]

Dining at Brae & taking a break

A proper day off away from the business just doesn’t really happen – two days off, next to each other, mind you, is even more rare but our Christmas break of 9 whole days – it seems like a wild dream. I’ve spent so much time thinking about all the swimming in the ocean, eating, […]